How Machine Learning Is Reshaping Retail Pricing and Promotions

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How Machine Learning Improves Pricing and Promotions

1. ML Is Used To Justify Promotions

  • The optimal discount value for a product
  • The best time to start or end a promotion
  • The best parameters for the promotion
  • The overall impact of the promotion on the business balance sheet

2. ML Helps Retailers Avoid Promotional Waste

3. ML Determines Optimal Product Prices

4. ML Gives the Managers the Tools To Meet Several KPIs

5. ML Enables Personalization of Promotions

6. ML Saves Time and Effort

7. ML Reduces Promo Risks and Improve Business Bottom Line

Start Leveraging Your Data To Boost Business Impact




Product Person |#Commerce #Data #Growth | Prev. Google, eBay, Albertsons /

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Product Person |#Commerce #Data #Growth | Prev. Google, eBay, Albertsons /

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